About Us

At Fulton Swim School we offer opportunities for everyone to learn to swim, as well as providing expertise to enhance you or your childs swimming ability. From 6 months of age through to adults we have a class to suit your needs. All of our teachers hold Swimming New Zealand accreditation as well as winning several NZSCTA awards for teaching. We take pride in our teachers and invest in their continued development as swimming education providers.

Over the years our reputation as one of the best swimming schools around has grown along with our desire to offer the best service we can for our students.

Our philosophy

At Fulton’s we have found that positive swimming experiences bring a lot of pleasure to our learners. Therefore we have designed our programmes to make the experience as enjoyable as possible without compromising the standard

The content of our courses encourages safety, improvement and confidence among students in water activities. Small teaching classes (maximum of four excluding Infants and Squads), and a specifically designed programme are used to ensure children are constantly progressing.

Intro to Fulton

Meet the team

Daniel Fulton

NZSCTA Rookie Swim Teacher of the Year2009

A successful competitive swimmer, represented Counties countless times, travelled overseas to compete and is a twelve time national medalist. After giving up swimming competitively Daniel Fulton established a Swim School. This saw the creation of Fulton Swim School, established in November 2005.

image of staff Daniel Fulton


Hi Everyone,

I started working at Fulton Swim School as Team Leader when we first opened in Botany in July 2016. Swim Teaching with Fultons is a very rewarding job as you get to see so many people achieve many swimming goals which you helpped them with.
Swimming is a big part of my life, as I have been a swim teacher since the age of 17 and always love to swim whenever I get the chance.
Outside of work I enjoy going on little adventures with my partner and friends, and all so i love to do a bit of cooking.

image of staff Alana


Kia ora tātou

My name is Jack, and I have been teaching swimming since I was 16. I have also been a teacher since the school first opened then left early this year, but recently decided to come back as I missed teaching with Fultons so much!

My favorite part of teaching is meeting the kids/adults and getting them excited about swimming, and seeing them do something they thought they could never achieve.

Outside of work I love chilling at home, but I also love being active and spending time… actually a lot of time with friends and family.

image of staff Jack


image of staff Daniel



I am Emily and I have been a swim teacher for almost a year and a half now. I started working at Fulton Swim School when we opened in July of 2016 and have loved it ever since!
My favorite part of teaching is seeing the child and/or adult achieve a goal they struggled with and see the confidence in a student improve with each lesson. I love being able to help a child learn one of the most valuable and life long skills they could learn.
Outside of work I am studying to become a pediatric nurse which I am very excited about!

image of staff Emily


Hello everyone,

I am Liliya and I have been a swim teacher for many many years!
I started working at Fulton Swim School when they started in Botany in 2016.
My favorite part of teaching is helping other achieve their swimming goals and be confident in and around water.
Outside of work I love to spend time with my loved ones.

image of staff Liliya


Hi All

I started working at Fulton Swim School as a swim teacher in March 2017 and i like swim teaching because I get to see the progress of the children and adults and watch the smiles on their faces when they accomplish the goals.
Swimming means everything to me because I used to be a competitive swimmer but sadly got injured and couldn't continue.
Outside of work I enjoy swimming, soccer, computer games and programming when I can and i love to be outside playing around and having fun with family and friends.

image of staff Emer


Originally from Singapore

Has been teaching Learn-to-Swim and coaching swimmers at club level competitive swimming for over a decade to children and youth of various age groups. Adults included. Particularly enjoys working with children in their developmental years between 6 to 12 yrs as well as preschool kids.

Has also enjoyed serving the Australian International expat community in Singapore fervently as well as the local community.

Music, culture and animal lover, also into dynamic movement like martial arts, dance and skateboarding. Infected with the travel bug.

image of staff Terence